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MicroSAM -
The new Dimension in Process Gas Chromatography

MicroSAM , the newest on-line Process Gas Chromatograph from Siemens, brings a new dimension to the industry - small! Using modern silicon micro-machining techniques achieves miniature size while simultaneously increasing power and versatility.
The explosion-proof enclosure contains everything you need for separation and detection of the measured sample integrated into the space of a small platter.

The highlights at a glance:

valveless live injection with software-adjustable injection volume
maintenance-free column switching and electronic pressure control
accurate measuring results by multiple parallel micro-detectors, i.e. MicroSAM uses a thermal conductivity detector array integrated on silicon to measure all column and vent flows as well as the injection peak itself
can be mounted directly at the sample extraction point because only a single auxiliary gas and very little electrical power is required
simple remote control with Windows-based software and Ethernet communication

Every MicroSAM includes complete Maxum Analyzer Network capabilities. This means that multiple MicroSAM analyzers can be easily connected together with Ethernet to permit several process streams to be analyzed simultaneously. Such redundant systems are easy to implement and achieve more information per time.
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