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GASMET CEMS Ex System for Hazardous environments. The complete GASMET CEM Ex System includes: GASMET Sampling System, GASMET FT-IR Gas Analyzer and GASMET PC. As an option, the system can also include an oxygen analyzer and/or FID analyzer for total hydrocarbon measurement. Multipoint sampling is also possible. The measurement data is transferred to the control room in several ways, according to the customer's specifications. The GASMET FT-IR gas analyzer system does not require any gas dryers or dilution tubes (as is the case with other technologies). Using this FT-IR method, we obtain a representative sample. Gas drying may erase some components from the gas matrix. GASMET CEMS is also supported by full remote control.

GASMET FCX analyzers provide all the benefits of the CX-4000 analyzers combined with the GASMET PC. The FCX analyzer has a built-in Windows PC and a TFT display that is mounted to the front part of the analyzer. Measuring data can be transferred through analog or digital outputs (ModBus). The FCX analyzers have a built-in PC, IP 65 protection, Vortex cooling and a temperature controlled sample cell ?all in one package.

FCX-Series analyzer can be combined with multipoint sampling system for ambient air monitoring. Multipoint sampling system is fully automatic and controlled by Calcmet analysis software. Calcmet software and multipoint sampling system support multipoint sampling for 16 sample lines with one analyzer!
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