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Sample Gas Conditioner MAK

To provide clean dry gases to extractive analysers for continuous emission monitoring and process control, the MAK Sample gas Conditioner is an essential part of any extractive gas analyser system.

*MINI Comp is the smallest cooler on
the market
*MAK8-1/2 1 or 2 gas path
*Temperature display as standard
*Temperature alarm as standard
*Constant dryness rate independent of load
*Robust and compact design
*Leakage free operation confirmed by
shockproof and field experience

The cooler features up to 4 channels and
offer highest performance, stable dew point
and is suitable for high ambient temperature.

*Emission monitoring
*Process monitoring
*Land fill application


*Spiral tube heat exchanger and typhoon separator
ultimate in sample gas conditioners
*Maximised heat transfer rate
*Fast sensitive response on load changes
*Self cleaning, no fouling, no clogging
*Reduced operation costs
*100% reliability
*Improved instrument performance
*1,2,3 or 4 gas path, PVDF, Glass, SS
*EEx version for one or 2 gas path


This unit will continuously dehumidify a sample stream and rapidly separate the condensable liquids from the gases. The MAK is ideal for use with monitors for SO, NOx, CO, CO or O; where a constant dewpoint and dryness rate must be maintained. Featuring includes advanced design that provides reliable and consistent performance. Flow rates up to 500 L/h for each gas path are available.


The cooling system consists of a continuously non CFC operating compressor chiller that provides more than 300% excess capacity. This results in a fast response to widely varying input conditions and guarantees a constant dewpoint at the outlet. The new designed hot gas bypass valve with ambient temperature compensation facility maintain at any condition a constant dewpoint at the outlet independent how the ambient temperature is. This has been demonstrated under laboratory conditions, under field tests ( e.g. at T?) and more than 20.000 industrial applications.

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