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NO / NO - Converter JNOX

JNOX NO to NO converter are designed to convert NOx to NO. JNOX is the market leader due to the high reliability long life time and compact design.

*Long life converter cartridge
*High efficiency >96%
*High flow rate
*High versatility in application
*Built-in flexibility & security
*Several 1000 units installed


*Emission monitoring
*De-NOx monitoring


*Heated pre chamber
*SS cartridge filled with carbon
*Diagnostic capabilities
*No moving parts
*19" Rack mounting


The converter enable a measurement to be made of the total oxides of Nitrogen in the sample stream. The difference between direct measurement and measurement after the converter gives the NOx value. The converter cartridge is controlled by a temperature regulator. The bypass solenoid valve to switch NO or NO path, is included at the model JNOX-V and JNOX-CV.


*heated stainless steel cartridge filled with carbon or metallic material
*compact 19-inch rack housing
*models for dry, cold gas, with or without a solenoid valve to bypass the converter and
*models for operation with hot gas, to avoid NO loosing before conversation, with or
without a solenoid valve to bypass the converter
*Status contact converter operation temperature

Additionally in converter models with selector valve

*Security monitor circuit to avoid gas flow over the converter by low operation temperature status
*REMOTE control contact to operate the solenoid valve
*STATUS contact to signal the valve position

Converter reactor materials

CARBON filled converter cartridges are well for applications with sample gas, free of aerosol and with low SO concentrations. Typical applications are stack gases from diesel or gas power engines. The conversion processes with carbon material might be produce CO. To analyse CO, connect the CO analyser before the converter unit or use METALLIC converters. This models can be applied with dual NO/CO analysers at the same gas path after the converter.

Life time of the converter cartridge

The life time of the converter material depends of the NO and O concentration, and the gas flow rate.

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