The operation and maintenance of plant equipment is essential to the continued optimization of plant resources. The rapidly increasing sophistication of equipment has created a need for effective on-the job training to quickly upgrade both new as well as existing employees.

KAS SYSTEM can provide generic training on selected analytical techniques or specific instruction on a particular manufacturer¡¯s device. Factors like participant experience, actual equipment in use, and type of training are all considered to configure a program that would be most beneficial to the attendees.

Our instructors bring together more than 10 years of experience as process analyzer engineers, specializing in field service and the training of maintenance personnel. Their continued involvement with the prepackaged analyzer systems side of the company keeps them at the forefront of this technology. Their enthusiastic and highly practical presentations bring forth the full benefits of their years of experience in resolving ¡° real-world ¡° applications.

The combination of custom course configuration, experienced instructors and over-the-shoulder hands-on training, results in a well-organized, very through, practical and pertinent educational program that will prove immediately useful.¡¡

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